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Dr. Dagostino has been treating TMJ patients since 1980.

Treatment of TMJ disorders can be simplistic or it can be extensive depending on the etiologic factor (what causes it). My approach is totally non-surgical and often involves orthopedics and orthodontics. This allows the proper positioning of the upper and lower jaws so they may function in harmony. The exact type of treatment that will be required to correct your problem will obviously depend upon the information that is gained from the diagnostic investigations and the discussion with you. Typically, we use Functional Jaw Orthopedic (FJO) therapy, fixed appliance therapy to achieve the desired result.

Functional Orthopaedic Therapy:
A removable orthopaedic appliance is used to correct jaws that are growing incorrectly. A different form of appliance may be required to treat different growth problems.

Fixed Appliance Therapy:
This is the conventional orthodontic appliance technique using fixed braces. Very small brackets are attached to each individual tooth for precise positioning of the teeth.

Quite frequently two or more of these techniques are combined in order to achieve the desired results. Knowledge and technological advances have allowed us to treat patients with conservative and effective modalities. We will explain to you the type of treatment that can best correct your problem.

If you or someone you love is suffering from TMJ problems please contact our office for a no-charge consultation.