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Dr. Michael Dagostino, DDS

Continuing Education

Since graduation in 1984, Dr. Dagostino has taken over 2500 hours of continuing education. He is a proud member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Cleveland Dental Society, the Alabama Implant Study Group, the Southwest Study Club, the International Association for Orthodontics, and the Academy of General Dentists.

Dr. Dagostino also presently lectures internationally for Triple “O” International, and locally for North Coast Educational Systems.

History and Experience understanding TMJ disorders, TMD

Thirty years ago I was a freshman at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry. My fiancé at the time, diagnosed with TMD was undergoing selective grinding procedures by a local, respected periodontist. As her situation worsened I began talking to my instructors and was directed to the TMJ authority Dr. Richard Huffman. Dr. Huffman was receptive and took her under his wings to demonstrate how his flat plane split would cure her of this dreaded affliction. This approach was better than the occlusal adjustments but fell short of curing her symptoms. Consistent with most TMD patients she experienced periods of dormancy and then periods of pain and headaches. We continued to treat her with the splint often just varying the thickness of the acrylic to get some relief.

Dr. Michael Dagostino, DDS

Upon graduation in 1984 I relocated back to Cleveland, Ohio and made it my lifelong goal to better understand and treat TMD. I floundered through many of the intro to TMD courses and always seemed to be directed towards using orthodontics with my TMD therapy. My interest in Orthodontics was peaking as I was examining more and more adults and teenagers who had received orthodontic treatment with less than optimal outcomes. I was shocked at the facial aesthetic results of the routine serial extraction therapy. As I attended more and more introduction to orthodontics courses I finally stumbled upon Dr Skip Truitt's 6-Session Course. It was during Dr Truitt's sessions that I realized there was a logical and conservative method of treating TMD. From the day I finished those 6-Sessions, I began to consistently treat my TMD patients with excellent results.

The fundamental philosophy set forth by Dr. Truitt and many of his contemporaries is based on logic and anatomy. With the compilation of thousands of studies of the jaw, the discs, and the muscles associated with this joint. Clinicians who have labored to understand the intricacies of the anatomy, the neurology, and the biochemistry of the jaw joint are countless.

  • Dr. John Witzig - Instrumental in exposing the fallacies of traditional orthodontics and TMD treatment
  • Dr. Terrence Spahl - Well respected, authored clinician who once told me that treating TMD without a comprehensive knowledge of orthodontics is like a dog chasing a car; what is he going to do once he catches the car? Dr Spahl opened my eyes to the neuro anatomy of the joint and enlightened many on successful TMD treatment
  • Dr Ralph Garcia - Published many articles and lectures extensively on the importance of the joint position and the use of transcranials in treating TMD.
  • Dr. Harold Gelb - Known for his universally accepted Gelb 4/7, along with his numerous textbooks.
  • Dr. Jack Haden - Lectured on the joint position and pharmacology adjuncts.
  • Dr. Peter Bimler - His Bimler cephalometric analysis helped us understand the position of the maxillae in the relationship to the mandible and the cranial base. These relationships are crucial in proper TMD therapy.

These are only a few of the countless teachers that contributed tremendously to my knowledge of TMD therapy. I would like to thank all the clinicians I have had the pleasure of learning from.

My hope is that this site will increase the dentists and general population's understanding of the treatment of TMD. I will be contributing monthly articles and occasional case studies that I hope you will find informative.


Michael W Dagostino, DDS