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We've developed into a practice that’s continually learning and current on the latest knowledge and techniques to provide you the best in Orthodontics, TMJ Therapy, and Sleep Disorder treatment.

We help you create beautiful broad smiles, with healthy jaw joints which prevent future dental problems.

TMJ Therapy

With our new TMJ diagnostics we are not only able to treat TMJ dysfunction ( TMD ) non-surgically, we are also able to play a vital role in prevention at any age of our patients, including the very young.

Waking up with head, neck, jaw or facial pain are only the few of the common symptoms associated with TMJ dysfunction ( TMD ) and we will make sure that each and every patient of ours receives proper screening.


Orthodontic treatment can encompass different phases depending on the age of the patient. We are experienced with straightening teeth in patients as well as maintaining healthy jaw joints through the process. We also help with the prevention of malocclusions (crooked teeth and jaws) with early intervention in children as they grow.

Sleep Disorders

Trouble sleeping? Two-thirds of partnered adults say their partner snores, while 6 out of 10 of all adults say they snore. Whether it’s snoring or sleep apnea, it could lead to serious complications. Children for example, who snore, can develop significant facial growth changes as a result of the airway obstruction. Snoring may seem harmless, but it can change your life forever, and it's worth stopping by our office for an assessment.

My name is Dr. Dagostino, and I will be your dentist helping you today with your orthodontics, TMJ therapy and sleep disorder concerns. If you have any questions feel free to write me using the Ask the Doctor function to the left, or by contacting our office at the phone number above. (note, there is no phone number above, but there will be)

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